Our Service and Process

In-depth Analysis

We take meticulous notes of your requirement and do an in-depth analysis of the kind of candidates you are looking for.  We get a thorough understanding of your company, the environment, business needs and services that you need positions you need the candidates to fill.  We have the capability to fill long term, temporary, temporary to hire, full time and part time positions.


Our rigorous search process always gets you the right candidate.  We ensure that we always have candidates suitable for a variety of jobs in different industries so we save you time when you need someone in a hurry. 

Employee screening  

We know how much time and effort it takes to screen the chosen candidates before offering them the job.  At R&B Staffing, we do all that for you.  Reference checks, past employments, credit bureau, criminal record check and education are some of the things we thoroughly check and screen before you approve the candidate for employment. 

Employee Selection

  We ensure that all the documentation, forms, policies, procedures, certifications are complete and verified before you hire a candidate. Completing this process for you will give you peace of mind and save you money in the long run.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Once you hire a candidate, we monitor their performance on an ongoing basis to ensure that he or she is performing at the right level and according to the requirements of the job at hand.  We take pride in helping you hire the right employee and make sure that we deliver what we promise!